“When one is a stranger to one’s self, t

“When one is a stranger to one’s self, then one is estranged from others too.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I have been so busy trying to optimize a web site and do my work at the same time, I haven’t really had time. Time for friends, tea/coffee, diary-keeping, aimless walks and exploring.

It didn’t take too long to notice that the things that pulled me into doing the work I do (individual counseling, couples counseling and dream therapy) were becoming memories … and I was slowly becoming hypocritical: this reflective stuff is good for other people. (?! Oh, I don’t think so! I want those experiences for myself.)

So, I have been spending time reconnecting to myself. I want to read today, for a long time. I have already spent time designing a get-together for friends next month … and now, I think I want to leave this blog, though, I am using it (as some do) as a personal diary for my own personal growth. (So, OK! A diary that has the potential to talk back! …)


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