Seattle Summer


Summer 2010

It’s not much of a summer yet, not in measures of sunlight. But some time for rest, walks and time to focus can sometimes be made.

Somehow the economic pressures, or tensions we carry from work or personal relationship can dictate what we do. Too much so. So here’s an invitation to go against the knee-jerk and the habits. I love to meet that kind of challenge, and I am just about ready to!.

I have been working on line. You know how that can be, and how time can melt away. Sometimes, it’s great to choose something else. We can.


5 thoughts on “Seattle Summer

  1. I like the look of this page lots, Nett.

    WordPress is a tool LinkIn employs, isn’t it? Is that how you accessed it? (I recognize your beauteous drawing ~ XO)


    • I missed this, Neen! I am hardly on here. But I know nothing about this being used on LinkedIn. Hmmm.

      Hope all is well, and thanks for your remark!

    • No. I found WordPress when I was looking to start a blog. I use it for a cross between mental health and political purpose … to talk about finding a voice. Liberation.

      It’s for me.

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  3. I found WordPress through an interest in blogging. LinkedIn, Biznik and other social (professional) networking sites feel more business & profit-related, whereas the blogworld also contains a lot of ideas. It’s fascinating, in a more just-for-fun way to me.


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