Surprise Tea Party Primary Wins …

September 16, 2010

Re: those recent Tea Party Primary-Election wins, Too amazing to believe? Look at who’s counting the ballots!

Delaware has Sequoia & New York has ES&S, both in the same Honesty League with Diebold, or “Premier Voting Solutions” (changed their name in hopes of dodging infamy … though they are still banned from ‘serving’ California voters).

According to VotersUnite, in New Castle County, Delaware. November 2000, there was a report of 3.6% blank votes for president, on their paperless voting. (Thank you, Sequoia). In my own state, where the popular incumbent Sen. Patti Murray will be challenged this year, VotersUnite reports valid ballots were rejected in King and Pierce Counties: September, 2004, poorly designed Diebold and ES&S software revisions were responsible.

Go to their site to check voting machine errors by state, vendor, date or problem. Here’s the link:


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