“Inside Job” …

‘Saw this movie tonight; and it’s truly a researched documentary on the collapse of the US economy. Sobering, and for those of us with sharp enough memories (remember the S&L crisis?), it ties all the pieces together. Seeing this kind of thing makes me want to go a second time with a flashlight, pen and tablet of paper.

But more than an intellectual exercise, my partner and I were responding (sometimes with ironic laughter) from an emotional place. Here you watch some intelligent, greedy people being interviewed about corruption who just can’t bring themselves to connect the dots. You know they are bright enough to follow simple logic; and yet, human shame and cognitive dissonance prevent them from being able to say, “ouch, I’m busted” … well, and fear of legal action against criminal behavior plays a dissuasive role, too ! At the most human level, this is a surprisingly hard film to watch. I had to ask myself, in terms of the footage on President Obama, whom I admire as an extremely sharp intellect, what changed him from the fierce campaigner against corruption into the guy who laced his cabinet with the Kings of Corruption (from Goldman-Sachs, Leyman Brothers, et al). It’s stunning.
You will come away with your own set of amazements. But this is a film to be seen and thought about. The hope for saving our economy and our system of government lies more in our hands, and in our information-methods than anywhere else.


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