Wisconsin’s Bold Citizens: YUM!

Ah, February! & Wisconsin’s Bold Citizens: YUM!

A fan of history, freedom-preservation, integrity and people with guts, how can you not be in love with Wisconsin right now?

So, an open letter to Wisconsinians:
I am so proud of being a Midwesterner and of you! You are ‘eyes-on-the-prize’, inspiring … and right.

I know people will be sent in, to trouble-make, or change your profile (if they can) from peaceable and sane to nuts. It happened when Geo. W. was shoe-horned into the presidency! I remember the fake protesters; and, here we go again with Tea-Bagger imports.

BUT … just to let you know, we Seattleites know the difference between real-deal patriots and ‘plants’. So, keep doing what you’re doing, the way you’re doing it. You look a b s o l u t e l y beautiful, my friends!

A big fan of you,
Seattle, WA


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