Ooo. “Assange” may be ‘prohibited-communication’

Welcome to the “paranoid”, maybe, world of privacy & Social Media! Here’s my concern and question:
I attempted a re-tweet of Julian Assange’s group, providing news about his recent ‘arrest’ without ’cause’. The tweet would not send, as it usually does when I hit the return-tab on my computer … a first, I might add.

Next, I out-smarted the quirk, using a different publishing program to send the re-tweet. But afterwards, I had difficulty with slow E-mail and web searches. Just for the evening, it seems. Interesting … and, maybe nothing. Right?

Nonetheless, Apple has advised me. Now I am simply providing that feedback to you, for whatever it is, or is not, worth.

For me? It brings memories of Dan Ellsberg (
warning about attempts by the CIA to affiliate with Facebook and Twitter. Some of those attempts have been made.

Interesting times, with interesting challenges for free speech. But with concerted efforts by people like those in Wisconsin, we’ll come through this, just like we came through the Gilded age and the Depression: smarter, more free and stronger for the experience.

I’m an eternal optimist.
Janette Brown


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