OPENING / blog news May, ’12: A False Spring

“OPENING” / blog news May 31st, 2012 – False spring __ and it was this year. So balmy and promising …

Daffodils : pen & inkI hardly missed the light. In fact there was just enough winter, that I enjoyed December: the perfect snow. It lasted only a day or two but brought enough for the creation of snow people, including a bear in the Green Lake playing field, and a lake-watching snow meditator at one of the benches near the water.

Following the snow was warmth. After last year, when winter wouldn’t quit, this change tempted me to revise my wish, that I would leave Seattle in hope of finding more sun-on-shoulders light. the caressing kind of sun that brings a grin. ‘Alas’: betrayal; the warmth left. Grayness and rain returned, and the cold came with them. During winter, it’s easier to lose exuberance, of course; gray is for resting, but I do not want to rest that much.
I have adjusted; I have decided to fly in the face of cold air and begin wearing more color, or at least fewer layers. Since I had already glimpsed the spring, I decided to not let go. I want to move, now; I even started running a small track … at 1st, running only what I could easily do of it, and increasing from there. That way, there was no enormous, depleting effort. The run was easy. It has become my covenant with Spring! I seem to not want to miss a day’s run … unusual.

Maybe I am going to keep my promise regardless of the betrayal. Not that my loyalty will have any effect on Spring , but it has quite a positive effect on me, this joy in the face of false spring!

At some level, like love, the enthusiasm for light and warmth takes me over. In an Englander’s climate, I have become officially part of the Northwest.

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