Bernie! Vitual Speech to 100, 000 Welcoming Americans

while Corporate “persons” tax-dodge. In the city of WTO protests, the Battle of Seattle over economics continues: about 40 people gathered in West Seattle alone; milling, eating and “caucusing” (LOVE that word, caucusing), Supporters - W Seattle for Bernie they came to see their best hope in a 2016 candidate. While some corporations meet secretly after their initial WTO reception in many cities like ours, to strategize their policy around the majority of Americans’ wishes, Bernie Sanders takes on any question addressed to him from any sector. While other would-be candidates for the Presidency strike more casual, business-as-usual postures, his forthright candor and dogged determination are exactly what I want to see in a political representative in these, the darkest economic times since the Great Depression. Sanders’ tone matches our situation, and his strength is in his taking things so seriously. He senses moral outrage and conveys it himself, a match for those he seeks to represent.

Populism and passion for what’s just, as seen in people like Elizabeth Warren, Jim Hightower, and before them Shirley Chisolm, Betty Friedan, Harvey Milk and certainly FDR, excites the average citizen, recognizing in these types of voices those who will go straight through disuassion, distraction or dissolution of resolve. As Bernie puts it, “Enough is enough.”


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