MENTOR: Wisdom in Others & in Yourself

I got a compliment today; that always feels good.

Mona!:da VinciThat said, though, it was from a young woman who was happy to be sitting among older women. She sees their wisdom and is feeling fed by it.

Yet I can see her own wisdom! Since I can, I can’t help wondering, do we not see it in ourselves? and is it useful to have someone to project wisdom upon? I look at my own life and how very much I wanted a mentor, someone who could look out for me and teach me what was necessary. There was a snugness about it all, and I could see someone who looks now the way I would like to, at some distant time.

Our culture furnishes some of these mentor figures, I think, contrary to popular opinion. I hear a lot about the lack of mentoring. Maybe. I managed to find a few.

Just the same, it is nice for the old ego to receive such a projection. To be trusted as a mentor of some kind makes me feel rather useful! I will take it.


One thought on “MENTOR: Wisdom in Others & in Yourself

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