DreamWise – 2016

Third EyeI love dreams; being with the images and stories, or sharing them with other women to get their impressions and how they relate, has been some of the most illuminating time I have spent. (art work by Sulamith Wulfing)

So I have taken groups of women to Port Townsend, a nearby port city where I did some of my own dream work; we go once a year at least. Some of us still meet every month; and ‘drinking from that cup’ is something I could do for a very long time without once becoming bored.

The best part to me is that another’s dream can speak to my own situation as eloquently as my own can; this is one reason I have continued with dream process since 1985, when we first went. Such stories are something I could never predict.

I have been teaching others through the Experimental College and the UW’s Associated Students in a quarterly one-day class called DreamWise. With the EC on hiatus, I will offer the same class at Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Center: Sunday,  September 18, from 1-3 PM in the Teacher’s Lounge (enter on Phinney Ridge Avenue). For info, call (206) 455-1477.

DreamWise at ASUW, FB   /  Experimental College  /  E-mail Jnet@JnetNW.com, subject: ‘DreamWise’.


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