The Peoples Candidate: Endorses Mrs. C.

Bernie Sanders He Ran & Still Leads / Not Since FDR

Sanders Takes on Big Money

NOTE: The following was written during Sanders’ run for the Presidency. He was then, and remains, brilliant and my first choice.

But our democracy is at present an autocracy; and not getting my choice, I am still listening to this man about where we need to go from here. ‘Hope you do the same, regardless of the ‘huge’ (yuge ; )) disappointment. Let’s protect civil liberties to the extent we can; with three Dem Supreme Justices in their old age (as am I, so I get to say that), we need to think long-term, now.


It’s Time: With the semi-recent past dotted with peoples’ objections, i.e. WTO, Occupy Wall Street, and the Democratic Spring, it is clear. US citizens have noticed the corruption of Big Money. They have “followed that money” ever since the Big Bank Bailout; and they have decided.

Bernie Sanders’ message for accountability is timely. It is paralleled by the current Panama Papers scandal, identifying high government internationally that have invested their own funds in illegal offshore accounts & businesses. People are demanding those officials’ replacement. This news runs parallel to the breaking news that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, hid her speech to monied Democrats through the use of white noise machines. The question, regarding ‘follow the money,’ then, is what was she hiding?

While it is great to see a woman in serious contention for the office of President of the United States, Hillary Clinton is the wrong woman. Why was the candidate not Elizabeth Warren? She spoke out a year ago, and was punished by the banks (Including  Citigroup, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America) with their pocket books: no contributions to any Democratic Candidate for the 2016 presidential run, unless that person softened their stand against them. My, my; they must really like their bailouts.

Bernie, however, is not flinching. His proposal is to break up the banks. I am sure they will love him for that. But fortunately, he isn’t depending on their contributions; and owing to no corporate interest, he can stand up for whatever the American people decide they want him to champion, without fear of retribution.

Go, Bernie!


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