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About – Blackhorse News Administrator Janette Brown, LMFT




Continuing Education

Dream Work for All of Us

Nurturing the Intuitive

Dream Events – 2016

DreamWise – 2016

CE for Mental Health Practitioners

Annual Dream Retreat & CE Workshop: “Nurturing the Intuitive”

Dreams: Answers to Questions We Haven’t Figured to Ask

Health & the Healing Arts

moving through time

Declaration if Independence Signer Addressed Greed in the Healing Arts

OPENING / Healthy Depression!

From Where I Stand

Bernie’s Endorsed Clinton

The Peoples’ Candidate: Endorses Mrs. C.

Bernie! Virtual Speech to 100,000 Welcoming Americans

Ooo. “Assange” may be ‘prohibited communication

Personally Speaking

Victoria, BC

MENTOR: Wisdom in Others & in Yourself

OPENING / blog news From Wonderland

OPENING / blog news Getting Fired? Not Alone

One is Not Born a woman; one becomes one

MEANING is relative: having a Happy Thanksgiving


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