Your Opinion Matters

Now’s a GREAT time to let your voice be heard, with a little courage and a whole lot of willIf the ballot box isn’t working (see Brad Freeman,, then speaking up any and every time you can perceive a chance is The Way to Go.

write-feather-penThere is a Resistance Movement in the U.S. That is the very good news. Surely, if we are to preserve some semblance of a democracy, then now is a time to be definitive, rather then when ‘now’ is too late.
If you are not certain, then become a student of this history, nd look up the name Stanley Milgram, Social Psychologist.

A brilliant researcher, Milgram was certain Americans would never do what the German public did in Nazi Germany, i.e., obey the instructions of an authoritarian leader. Consequently, he conducted a study that set out to prove it.

To Milgram’s surprise, the study proved just the opposite; in fact, he was discouraged enough by the initial study results, he chose not to continue the experiment long term. ( and via @YouTube*)

We, too, are Human! Still, the better news is, humans are capable of overcoming our worst tendencies, absolutely. I see it often in my work with individuals. All that is required is a little courage, and a whole lot of will!

One piece of real encouragement: Amy Goodman’s interview of popular grass roots leader, Senator Bernie Sanders, a non-establishment leader for our times.

Nor if you need a reality check, realizing the state of our nation, consider the brilliant Keith Olbermann, winner of an Edward R. Murrow Award for political journalism:

At any rate, we all need to hear one another’s concerns. Do speak out! There is no time like the present.


*For serious students of social psychology, here is a more detailed, and disturbing, video outlining Milgram’s seminal work:



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