Commentary: Article on Night Dreams

LinkedIn                                                                                             Night Dreams:Their Implications for Counseling and for Our Waking Life

As I write this, I have just re-read an article I wrote recently. It is admittedly soapbox material, speaking just as much to the counseling profession as to dreaming and the gifts of personal metaphors! A response to my own nervousness, perhaps, that I could have become a counseling pariah by not being “professional enough”, or perhaps have “insufficient boundaries” or inability to “adequately differentiate” from my client. I deep breathe, knowing these days, human courage frequently falls under the categories of spirituality, subjectivity or religion. Great.

Why, I wonder, if it takes much courage and inner reserve to figure out how to survive our family of origin issues _ to bloom into the kind of human being we find acceptable (even proud to be becoming) _ would it be true that Courage equaling morality? Or would lead automatically into theosophical territory? Humaneness, it turns out, is not something achieved by dint of reading enough books,  yes? Yes.

“You are an ‘environment,'” is a thought that invited me early to look at things I don’t customarily look at; it was a compelling notion that we could broaden the span of what we observe and consider other ways of thinking & being alive, just by shifting our focus of attention.

If philosophy is a religion, my most interesting friends are (along with me) in some deep water. But, as the counseling field evolves yet again, we (yet again) are coming away from the insurance-company driven views of people & their dilemmas falling into categories; we are returning, despite those who must bill for their professional time, to the easy assumption that since we don’t view ourselves that way, we should decline that way of viewing others.

Good. Now, onward!


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