Dream Events 2017

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Here are the upcoming dream events for early & late spring plus two autumn dates for 2017. If you know you are coming, welcome! If curious, please call with any questions*.

(DreamWise, Experimental College Class) Experimental College is still on hiatus.                                                                                               

NOTE: Basic skills class in dream group process. Men & Women: Sat, March 18, 10 AM-1 PM Phinney Neighborhood Center near Green Lake. To enroll call UW Experimental College at 543-4375.

Nurturing the Intuitive, CE Dream Workshop                                                                                               

(11 & 17 Continuing Ed hrs)  Counseling Professionals, only: Fri Eve, May 12 (optional), Sat-Sun, May 13-14 / Income-Based Scale from $25 to $355 / Approved by WMHCA/ Port Townsend, WA / Contact CounselingNW.Janette@gmail.com : CE Workshop ’17

Intuiting Dreams, Monthly Dream Group                                                                                            

Women only: Saturdays, 12-2 PM / Rotational, at members’ homes By invitation. Call for information & to meet Janette*

Fall Notes:

Nurturing the Intuitive, CE Dream Workshop                                                                                            

(11 & 17 Continuing Ed hrs) Counseling Professionals, only: Fri Eve, Oct 6 (optional), Sat-Sun, Oct 7-8 / Contact CounselingNW.Janette@gmail.com : CE Workshop ’17

Nurturing the Intuitive, Annual Dream Retreat                                                                              

Women only: Fri Eve (optional), Sat-Sun, Nov 17-19 / Port Townsend: the Lookout                        


*To enroll, call (206) 524-3645

Warm Wishes for a Sunny Spring!                                         Janette Brown, LMFT                                                                                                             

 These experiential offerings grew from meetings of NW women _ professionals, artists, working women & mothers _ who over 3 decades honed the art of using intuition and dream material to direct their own lives.


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