Alice, are we in Trumpland?

illustrations, by John Tenniel

5-bend-me-shape-me-anyway.pngWhere are the Truth Sayers?

Our representatives are supposed to be like us. However, with the split between low, medium and high income earners being ever larger, those of us who earn $2,000/month have friends, colleagues or clients who earn 3 times that 2 Our Repsamount. Our representatives earn way more than that! They spend millions on campaigning., and when home, they campaign. They need to hang onto their seats, of course, to also hold any sway; but they must not compromise their views, lest they sound like brown-nosing, spineless leaders. That is dilemma!

So ultimately, they often do not represent us. For example, someone today on talk radio made the point that if Congressional reps had the exact same health care arrangements as their constituents, we likely would have Single Payer right now. I think I must agree.

Our press is all over the ‘philosophical-political map’. I myself am grateful for Twitter and progressive news stations; I learn a lot from my peers and the likes of dedicated press corps members like Amy Goodman cannot be taken for granted. Individual voices like these find ways of getting heard. So, Truth Sayers are there, if sometimes less easily found than turning on the televised ‘Nightly News’! For my era, that was the “Huntley & Brinkley Report” (Chet Huntley & David Brinkley). Easy to access and quite independent. Oh, but then, we still had a well functioning FCC!

The Truth Sayers there currently are, must remain watchful. Certainly, they can be banned or silenced: witness 4 A Trumpish LeaderKeith Olbermann who immediately after winning the coveted Edward R. Murrow Award for journalism, was summarily fired and banned from his national T.V. news spot. It has taken over a decade for him to surface, as he has, through Gentleman’s Quarterly (“The Resistance”). Feeling the pressure yet?

Hmmmmm. ‘Curiouser’, and ‘curiouser.’

Where are the Truth Sayers?

Perhaps, they are we.

Perhaps it is time to visit our Congressional Reps. They are coming home for the Fourth of July. Perhaps we need to turn up that heat, ourselves; most are saying, if it isn’t being done on the national level, then it is up to those at the local level.

I hope to find that kind of energy and courage. Certainly it will be in the face of not having the support I need. Economically, I have watched jobs being cut: how amazing it is for me, for example, to go to the grocery store, and watch my peers use the automated check-out instead of waiting for a checker! Their willingness says, they are fine with the store not hiring enough people to do the job adequately; that they will accept dealing with a machine rather than a person, and that losing jobs does not concern them. Mmmm.1 Alice in Trumpland … Perhaps our aim is to be growing smaller and smaller,


when we need to be growing Large! Growing Large



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