Enough Confederacy: Charlottesville Stands Tall

Sanity reigns as citizens of Charlottesville, VA say we have had enough of Confederacy Hangers On, who are still reliving the Civil War. That war was won, and the end of slavery decided a long, long, long time ago.

Getting on with life requires accepting defeat, changing things that don’t win acceptance and getting on with life.

Monuments to leaders of a losing cause, like Robert E. Lee, are not the leaders we want to win fame through erected monuments. Consider the thoughts of famed New Orleans Mayer Landrieu: there’s a difference between respecting figures and enshrining them.

Let go, Confederate fans everywhere; the Confederate cause was economic success that relied on enslavement. Good riddance to that entire concept, both in Civil War times (thank you, Charlottesville). and our own: sub-wage businesses, sweat shop businesses, child-labor businesses, et al, that will always face opposition & defeat.

I thank the people of Charlottesville, VA for showing up today, saying, ‘The statues are coming down.” 



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